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Susan B. Cmt

I graduated from Body Therapy Center Palo Alto in 1995. I believe that the intelligent body is continually seeking balanced, optimal function, and I encourage and facilitate this process by tailoring a combination of techniques to address the needs of each client. I envision massage as a means to bring about healing of the body and mind simultaneously. My clients then can carry this rejuvenation as they return to life’s endeavors. As a therapist, this is my biggest reward.

In my spare time, I like to relax and spend time with my wonderful husband, whom I met in massage school.

Client Reviews:

“Susan was my masseuse. She was amazing. I hurt my calf running that morning and they fit me in for an afternoon appointment. Susan was quite knowledgeable and really, really got into the muscle and worked the knot out. I could barely walk when I went in and felt (almost) repaired when I walked out. Great massage overall, especially for he price! I will absolutely be back.” 

★★★★★ Amie Ashton, Google Review

“There are two kinds of massage experiences – one where you go to a fancy spa and get all the frills (sauna, steam, luxe feel, nice products), and one where it’s all about the body work (toss your stuff in the corner, no surround sound). They both have their place, but when I need a serious massage I go for the latter. Just had a deep tissue with Susan. SOOOO good.”

★★★★★ Mel B., San Francisco, Yelp Review

Days in Office: Saturday