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Janeel Rao Cmt 1

I am a graduate of National Holistic Institute and take great pride in helping those who come to me feel more whole and stress-free. My goal with each massage is to discover and address each individual client’s needs. Focusing my intuition and anatomical knowledge, I release long-held physical tension, resulting in freer movement and better alignment. I encourage my clients to be active participants in their healing process which brings harmony to mind and body through my nurturing, therapeutic touch. My experience of body mechanics, strength, flexibility, and holistic outlook allows them better body functioning as well as more spacious living.

In my free time I enjoy working out, reading, and watching movies with the people I care about.

Client Reviews:

“I have come to MTC on and off for the last few years and have always booked with the amazing Janeel. He is a lovely person with calm and grounded energy that takes his time to really work on areas of concern. I feel relaxed and taken care of every time I get a massage from him and my entire nervous system breaths a sigh of relief. I highly recommend him if you like gentle, soothing, relaxing (but also highly effective) massages.”

★★★★★ Gaby B., Palo Alto, Yelp

“I have been to Massage Therapy Center twice now since it’s recent reopening after the COVID situation and I am impressed with the practices that they have put in place to keep both staff and customers safe and at ease. They have everything posted on their website. My body has been in incredible pain with all the stress and I have been hoping the would open for a very long time. And FINALLY, they’re open. My massages with Janeel were amazing and I’m starting to work through the knots in my back now and I feel that I’m one step closer to living with health and wellness. I’ve been coming here for massages for over 10 years and during that time I’ve never had a bad massage — or even a mediocre massage. Each of the several therapists that I’ve been to have been most excellent. An excellent value for the price.”

★★★★★ Suzanne R., San Jose, Yelp

“I saw Janeel for a massage and it was fantastic. Probably one of the best massages I’ve had in a long time. He had the perfect techniques with just the right amount of strength to soothe and alleviate my aches. Highly recommend him!”

★★★★★ A.L., San Francisco, Yelp

“Janeel is an excellent therapist.  He listens to your concerns and knows the exact pressure and areas to focus on the body.”

★★★★★ Ruth H., Wellness Living Review


I have been searching (seemingly nonstop) for the right massage therapist. For me massage is a necessity rather than a luxury. As a result of substantial injuries at a very high level of sports followed by a number of leg surgeries I need to have very deep massage work of the highest possible level and caliber. I am so thrilled that I now have what I need here in Northern California: THE BEST massage professional that I have ever had up to now: JANEEL at the Massage Therapy Center in Palo Alto.

Having what I guess could be termed “hotel and spa” massages or those that are offered or can be obtained just about anywhere for a minimal amount of money but with no real results I almost gave up my search, although giving up on finding a wonderful and professional massage therapist would quite literally diminish my quality of life, as there are some days where it is difficult to walk without wretched pain and worse still I am often unable to sleep at night for the very same reason. As a result I have thus visited scores of massage places and establishments, all to no avail. I just simply have never been able to find the right place or the person to help me with my sometimes severe pain. UNTIL NOW.

Janeel is amazing. Period. He works at a place in Palo Alto called Massage Therapy Center and I saw him for the very first time tonight. As I mentioned but want to emphasize again: Janeel is BY FAR the best massage therapist that I have EVER had. I have been able try therapists all over the country and in fact abroad as well, which is particularly important on trips due to the fact that traveling makes the physical pain worse. I can honestly say (write) that Janeel is the best massage therapist on the planet as far as I am concerned. Yes, I am a little bit wordy but this means a lot to me. After my session with him tonight almost all I can think about is how he made almost all of my pain go away, albeit temporarily, perhaps for a couple of days, but that in and of itself makes a big difference for me. He got the blood flowing to my injured legs to the point where I could actually feel it flow.

There are plenty of things in this world that I know next to nothing about. On this particular subject however I am something of an expert. It is no exaggeration for me to write that there have been a variety of times when tears just kind of come out from my eyes based upon the level of pain that I sometimes have. As I mentioned earlier in this post massage is not a luxury but a necessity.

I do regret at least a little bit spending time and money for all kinds of therapeutic massages that don’t come close to what I need, i.e. deep tissue pressure coupled with a concentration on the areas that I need the most help with. Right from the very beginning Janeel turned our session into a collaboration, valuing my input each and every step of the way. He was also very involved and attentive, and it became very clear as the session progressed that he really enjoys his work and that he also has a very strong desire to help his patients/clients.

If you knew me well you would understand how long I have searched to find just the right therapist and place. You would also know and understand how much pain I often have. Tonight it felt as if I was walking on air, this being the first time in the last several years that I have had that feeling. Go to this very clean and professional place after you make an appointment with Janeel. You will be so glad that you did. Like I said at the beginning of this post: WOW.”

★★★★★ T.D., Menlo Park, Yelp

Days in Office: Monday – Thursday