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Neuromassage Bodywork incorporates gentle and deep techniques for addressing unhealthy chronic tension patterns and structural imbalances. It is used to re-educate and encourage the nervous system to allow rather than to resist release. Founded by Langdon Roberts, this work combines both neuroscience and therapeutic bodywork while ‘teaching’ the client’s nervous system how to achieve and maintain the physiology of relaxation. It focuses on the body’s somatosensory system, the part of the nervous system that is responsible for how we experience touch, including pain, pressure, and temperature change.

The practitioner targets slow, deep pressure, motion, and traction to promote release and to retrain the neuromuscular circuits into a new healthy pattern. What makes neuromassage unique is the pattern, sequence, intent, and application of the strokes as they relate to the neuromuscular connection. Neuromassage is especially helpful for clients who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety.