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Antonio Espinosa Cmt 1

After working 20 years in the Investment and Banking industry, I transitioned to Massage Therapy after graduating from the National Holistic Institute in 2017. My focus is Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Assisted Stretching. I have gotten certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy, FAKTR (Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab), and Rocktape. Inspired by clients at the Massage Therapy Center and seeing many struggle with injury and return to sport or activity, I am currently pursuing a dual Masters Program in Sports Performance Coaching with a focus on Injury Rehabilitation as well a Masters Degree in Data Analytics in Football (soccer) hoping to provide the same treatment, programming, and technology that are used with elite and professional athletes.

In my spare time, I enjoy meditation, reading, soccer, and travel. Often combining all into one on amazing vacations!

Client Reviews:

“I found this place over a year ago based on the recommendation of a friend who is a massage therapist herself. I have been seeing Antonio for deep tissue massages at least once a month ( wish I could afford to come more often!).

He is truly a miracle worker. I am an endurance athlete and also a physician, and I can tell when a therapist is knowledgeable about anatomy. Antonio is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and always seems to know which areas to target even if I don’t tell him anything.

I’ve dealt with spots injuries and chronic low back and neck pain, and every time Antonio works on me, I feel like a new person. Also I do not feel sore or bruised after like I have with some deep tissue massages elsewhere. I’ve been to MANY massage therapists all over the country and have yet to find one who even compares.
I’ve been to a couple of other therapists here who were also good, but I will highly recommend Antonio!

The center itself is clean, comfortable, has friendly staff, fair prices and it’s always easy to schedule!”

★★★★★ Sh M. from Mountain View, Yelp

“Antonio is an ace. Not for the faint of hearts (he goes deep and the immediate impact can be disorienting) but incredibly intuitive (and effective). He  thinks “systems” and works muscle/ ligament in unison. I am reborn.” 

★★★★★ Patrick D., Wellness Living review