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Chronic Tension

Constrictions of the Heart and Mind

The constrictions of the heart and mind cannot be measured like so many pounds of pressure— they simply are there to be worked with, to help us find our way to our true nature. ~ Phillip Moffitt As our days become shorter and the dark…

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Create A Nourishing Morning

When I wake in the morning, my mind slowly gathers, and I begin to move, the early morning light just starting to seep in. I have a glass of water, start the coffee, and begin my meditation. Afterwards I enjoy a good book, the quiet,…

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Healing Attention

Doorways Into The Moment

It is the small things in life that open the heart — the laugh of a child, the beauty of a flower, the touch of a hand, a simple kindness.... Only the present moment can bring joy. There is no peace in striving toward the…

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Healing Touch

Metta Meditation

Metta means loving kindness. It may sound overly sentimental, or even cheesy, but evidence shows its gentoe activation can radically change your life. Metta meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice that helps one build goodwill and friendliness toward others and oneself. You don't have to…

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Inner Quiet


The awareness of ‘what is’ is not something we can bring about by force. It depends on discovering a dimension in ourselves of inner quiet and clarity — a clear, uncolored lens through which we can observe without judgment, criticism, or analysis. This inner clarity,…

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