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Doorways Into The Moment

Healing Attention

It is the small things in life that open the heart — the laugh of a child, the beauty of a flower, the touch of a hand, a simple kindness…. Only the present moment can bring joy. There is no peace in striving toward the future. There is no wonder in clinging to the past. In the simplicity of the moment true peace arrives. And when it does, the heart naturally begins to respond. Let us cultivate our love of the things that are small. Watch them. Marvel at them. They are each a doorway into the moment. And the moment is the doorway into our hearts.  ~ Ann Mortifee

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, our expert professionals invite you into relaxed awareness where each felt moment is expanded into healing space. When we spend time in the sensory part of our brain, as opposed to our thinking brain, and we calm our nervous system and stress response, we allow for a wider field of possibilities in our creativity, healing, and deeper sense of peace and open-heartedness.