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Caring Touch And Well-Being

Caring Touch Creates Well-being

A naturally occurring chemical produced in the brain when we feel safe, nurtured, and receive caring touch, Oxytocin acts like a hormone in our bodies to regulate the arousal level of our nervous system. It is also the hormone of attachment, the ‘neural cement’ of all loving bonds.

Because babies are unable to regulate their own nervous system, loving touch and closeness are critical for them to feel safe, calm, and not overwhelmed. The oxytocin that is released during close contact generates a satisfying relaxation and a blissful sense of safety, contentment, and belonging for the infant. It produces the wonderful feeling that ‘all is well.’ And it profoundly shapes their ability to love and trust others. The oxytocin response is key to maintaining healthy relationships throughout life.

For adults, caring touch and closeness provide the same calming of the nervous system and sense of well-being. We need caring touch, warmth, presence, and connection to cause oxytocin to cascade through our bloodstream, to help our nervous system be in the state we naturally like—calm, relaxed, alert, engaged. And to help us feel open and trusting in our close relationships.

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, we know that the caring touch and presence received during massage promote relaxation, release stress, support immunity, and help keep you healthy. We encourage you to make bodywork a regular part of your self-care, especially now when you might not be able to receive the physical contact that nourished you in the past. Rest assured that we have taken special care with safety precautions to help keep you safe during your visit to MTC.