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Make Room for Contentment

“Contentment if a paradox,” writes yoga teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater, for Yoga Journal. “If we seek it, it evades us….It is like a shy cat that hides under the bed. If we try to catch it, we never will. But if we sit still and wait in patience, the cat will come to us.”

By creating space in our bodies and minds, contentment can find a place to live within us, Judith reminds us. By practicing presence with whatever is arising in us, witnessing it without judgment, we surrender to each moment, and we create a container that attracts contentment.

Making time for bodywork at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto is an enjoyable way to pause in our busy lives, to give ourselves the space and aware presence so essential for healing and the experience of contentment.

~adapted from Judith Hanson Lasater’s article, How To Attract Contentment., Oct. 11, 2017