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Loving Yourself and Loving Others

Science is showing that our happiness and longevity are closely linked to how loved and connected we feel. Love nourishes us like nothing else, through the experience of feeling seen, accepted and valued.

Our capacity for love and connection with others is rooted in self-love and intimacy with ourselves. Intimacy with ourselves means knowing what we think and feel, our deep wants and needs, our strengths and limitations. We must know ourselves before we can share who we are and to make wise choices in our relationships and lives.

Self-love means accepting ourselves unconditionally and treating ourselves with respect, high expectations, delight, kindness, and compassion. As we become our own most cherished lover, we more thoughtfully and happily tend to our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Then we have more capacity to tend to the needs of others.

Today we offer a few suggestions for loving yourself and others more effectively, and bringing more connection into your life.

  • Care for yourself by balancing your life with enough rest and relaxation, play and unstructured time, creativity, learning, healthy food, exercise, connection, caring touch, and what gives you meaning. What changes are you willing to make to better care for yourself?
  • Do more things that make you joyful. That inspire you. That bring peace and contentment.
  • Spend more time connecting with nature. And sitting in silence connecting with yourself.
  • Tell people what you appreciate about them and what they do that you’re grateful for.
  • We all need to feel¬†understood emotionally. Practice deep listening to the feelings of others and acknowledging them with empathy.
  • Ask your loved ones what specific actions make them feel loved. Everyone is unique.
  • Make amends when you make a mistake. Forgive yourself and others. We all are imperfect.
  • Be honest, gentle, and kind with yourself and others.
  • Make eye contact, smile, chat. The world is full of people longing for connection.

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, we offer opportunities for healing and well-being through expert therapeutic touch. Receiving nourishing touch is a loving way to reconnect with and nourish yourself. And with a calmer nervous system, you will be more open and able to give loving attention to others.