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Celebrate Your Miraculous Body

Connect With Beauty

As 2022 comes to a close, we invite you to take a few moments to celebrate, with gratitude ….

~ the miracle of your body that, despite whatever weaknesses or limitations, serves you and allows you to sense the wonders of the world

~ the breath that nourishes every cell and has sustained you from the moment you were born

~ consciousness that allows you to perceive, feel, and be amazed

~ your brain that coordinates all the functions of your body without your even being aware of it

~ the eyes that allow you to see the abounding beauty that surrounds you – colors and shapes, the face of a loved one

~ the ears that enable you to hear birds singing, wind rustling in leaves, words people say to you, and the laughter of children

~ the sense of smell that allows you to enjoy the fragrance of flowers, the scent of fresh air, your favorite food

~ your mouth and tongue that enable you to taste the fruits of the earth, to enjoy a ripe peach or chocolate melting in your mouth

~ the skin that protects you and yet allows you to touch and sense the world, feel warmth, coolness, softness, and the touch of a loved one

~ your heart that beats faithfully your whole life, from even before you were born.

Patricia Ellsbert

For 41 years Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto has provided a quiet healing space where our clients have nurtured and supported their miraculous bodies with expert therapeutic touch. We look forward to serving you again in the new year!