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Breathe Deeply Into Your Body

Breathe deeply into your body.
Expand your consciousness.
Join your body’s fluid spinal wave motion.

Meet the longing of your cells and tissues
to expand, release, and be wet with
your very own innate body wisdom.

Breathe deeply into your body.
Lengthening, releasing, and melting
into your grounded embodied Self
who knows that ‘nothing happens
unless something moves.’

Our breath is more than a mechanical event. It is a literal and metaphorical doorway to healing, writes Bonnie Gintis in Engaging the Movement of Life. At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, we encourage you to get massaged frequently and to use your attention to mindfully slow down and give length to your breathing while you are getting worked on. Your breath will mobilize tissue, blood, and lymph; change your heart rate; alter the tone of your nervous system; change your emotional state; and effect countless other physiological functions.