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Lucia Miracchi: Therapist, Educator, MTC Owner

Lucia Miracchi

Lucia Miracchi, CMT, CHP, has contributed significantly to the field of somatic healing arts for over 35 years, both as a therapist and an educator. In 1981, she was a co-founder of Massage Therapy Center and Body Therapy Center School of Massage, where she was a principal teacher. Since 1998, she is the sole owner. Lucia’s sensitivity, passion, and deep respect for the intelligence of the human body-mind have supported the growth of Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto as a respected business with heart, integrity, and a commitment to providing the highest quality therapeutic bodywork.

Lucia’s background includes years of committed involvement in modern dance, Iyengar yoga, Wu style tai chi, and insight meditation. In 1981, she began studying Continuum, an embodiment movement practice, with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper. At the same time, her love of massage brought her into deeper realms of bodywork including Trager, Rosalyn Bruyere’s healing work, and craniosacral studies.

Nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork, Lucia maintains an eclectic bodywork practice, in which she artfully interweaves touch, breath, and attention, assisting the movement of her students and clients into deep states of wholeness through the mystery of fluid body intelligence. She is an authorized teacher of Continuum movement, a certified yoga instructor, and has a private practice in Hakomi body-oriented psychotherapy. She holds a degree in movement therapy and is a member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association.