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Winter Quietude And Deep Listening

Sensations, feelings, intuitions—through these we grasp our inner wisdom which gives us grounding and guidance. This deep intelligence does not speak directly through the mind; rather wisdom arrives in the emotional body and then travels to the mind as a ‘knowing.’ The mind thus analyzes what the sensing body already has awareness of. Quiet times of listening, of being still within the body, give access to this deeper communication.

Winter calls us to slow down and rest. It is an auspicious time to turn inward to honor quiet times of being still within the body and being receptive to deep listening. At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, we support and encourage these precious processes, through professional bodywork that soothes our nervous system into quietude and healing. Taking time out to be in silence and receive attuned touch balances the human body, mind, and spirit and provides deeper grounding for a life lived with greater peace and authenticity.