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Stillness, Movement, and Space

Stillness is the state from which all other states arise. It is always present and overlaid by movement, since body and all its cells are always in quiet motion. We are 70% water, and water is paradoxically still and moving at the same — a relationship that is dynamic, vibrant, and life-affirming.

Space, and its resulting still-movement paradox, helps compose internal body spaces such as sinuses, nose, throat, and ventricles of the brain. The spaces within the body are as much a part of body as the matter of which we are made, just like a piece of music, in which the space between the notes is as important as the notes themselves. We can explore this space in the gross physical sense, or in the refined quantum realm.

There is potency to all space, and it can be accessed for therapeutic purposes in bodywork sessions. It is the richness of our human condition to be forever informed by the intelligence of our organism, be it physical matter or expanding space. With bodywork, and its ensuing stillness, we can drop our attention into the subtleties of body perceptions always swimming in us. And that in itself creates ground for healing, wholeness, and connectedness in all parts of the body.

A visit to Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto for a relaxing therapeutic massage can encompass all of the above. While you rest on the massage table as your therapist is working with you, you can bring your attention to the movements of breathing in and out slowly as you listen to the peaceful music during your session. Let yourself drop deep into the experience of comfort, safety, and softening as you relax body and mind in stillness. There your body takes on a whole new spacious feel and your mind opens to new possibilities!