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Partners, Connect With Massage!

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto we know that massage is a great way to connect with your body. It’s also a great way to connect with your partner. The simple act of caring touch can help two people bond by feeling each other in a loving way, without talking. It allows partners to make each other feel good and to rejuvenate together. It can simply be a way to relieve the stress your partner has been under during the week, and it can also be a deeply intimate experience.

Start by creating an intimate atmosphere. When you do this, you and your partner will relax more and enjoy your massages more deeply. Make sure the room is clean, tidy, and warm. Candles, soothing music, and aromatherapy oils will make this more than a rub down; it will make it a special night.

If you’re new to massage, begin by rubbing shoulders and massaging scalps while hanging out. Five minutes can be wonderful. But if you really want to experience the benefits of loving touch, trade massages on alternate nights.

If you have no idea how to give a massage, start by having your partner lie on his or her stomach. With some warm massage oil or lotion on your hands, slowly stroke the back, shoulders, and neck. Make sure you ask if the pressure of your touch is right, especially if you feel tense muscles. Next, give attention to the arms, hands, and each individual finger. Work your way down the legs. Then have your partner turn over. Massage the front of the legs and work down to the feet. Give attention to each individual toe. Throughout the massage, try to keep your mind present and focused on your partner and your touch.

If you have found massage to be a fun and healing way to connect, you may want to learn some more advanced techniques. Everyone interested in massage will find it even more exciting when they know a few strokes that have been proven to work. Try reading a good massage book together to make your massages more beneficial and enjoyable!