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Better Self Care In The New Year

Healthy New Year

Better self-care is a resolution that most people make each new year. We’re all increasingly aware that stress reduction and relaxation are critical to our health. ‘Our bodies break down under the onslaught of stress—insomnia, anxiety, depression, and all chronic disease is made worse by unremitting stress,’ says Dr. Mark Hyman, physician and wellness advocate. Especially during times of uncertainty, it’s important that we find ways to calm the fight-flight-freeze response that’s activated, and to support the parasympathetic nervous system’s rest and repair mode, for stronger immunity, healing capabilities, and overall health.

Relaxing body and mind, deep rest and sleep, a nutritious diet, exercise and movement, unfocused time and play, being in nature, strong social connections, nurturing touch ~ are all essential to staying well and thriving. We encourage you to think about how to incorporate more of these into your life as you make self-care plans for this year.

The many benefits of therapeutic massage are now being researched and recognized by the medical community, and massage has become a significant component of a healthy lifestyle for many people. The expert massage we provide at Massage Therapy Center will encourage all your body systems to deeply relax—reducing tension, anxiety, and moving your nervous system into the parasympathetic state, where repair and healing happen. It will improve blood circulation that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removes stress-related chemicals, as well as increase lymphatic flow to support a strong immune response. This is a good year to make regular massage an essential part of your self-care.

All of us at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto wish you a Healthy and Happy 2023!