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Acupressure and Massage for Cold and Flu Symptoms

Acupressure And Lymphatic

We usually get sick when our immune system is compromised and cannot protect us effectively. This can occur when we’re under a lot of stress, not sleeping enough, or following a previous illness—all leaving our body in a weakened state.

While acupressure cannot heal a cold or the flu, it will help with many unpleasant aspects such as nasal irritation and sneezing, sore throat, congestion, headaches, general weakness, and coughing. Acupressure does not replace medical care, but serves to complement it, in order to support the healing process.

These three pressure points are known for their effectiveness in treating various cold and flu symptoms:

  • The ‘Drilling Bamboo’ pressure point is one the most effective when it comes to dealing with a cold or flu. It is located in the eye socket, at the spot where the eyebrows meet the bridge of the nose. Apply pressure to both sides for a few minutes to relieve fever, sinus congestion, and headaches that manifest in the front of the head. In addition, this point can help with eye-strain related pains and tiredness.
  • If your nose is congested, the ‘Facial Beauty’ acupressure point is the most effective method to decongest it. The points are located at the bottom of the cheekbones, parallel to the pupils. Apply medium pressure to both cheeks to relieve congestion and related headaches. This point will also help in relieving a burning sensation in the eyes.
  • For flu symptoms, the ‘Lower Intestine 4’ point is your best friend. Located on the back of the hand between the thumb and the forefinger, it requires mild pressure to be applied by using your other thumb and forefinger.

When you receive professional bodywork at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, you will help prevent illness by promoting balance in all body systems, deep relaxation, and stronger immunity since massage enhances blood and lymph circulation. It pays to be proactive during the winter season with good self-care, including regular massage.

Note: If you have flu symptoms, it’s wise to get tested to rule out Covid-19 and RSV so you can take precautions and get early treatment. To protect our clients and staff, please wait until you are well before coming in for massage.