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Meditation on Breath

Connect With Beauty

Let yourself arrive.
Land in your breath.
Let your breath move all of you.

Go deeply into yourself,
deeply into what keeps you safe and vital.
Here you meet the movement
of your own precious attention.

See what wants to go.
Let go of what you don’t need
at the threshold of your Being.

You can just be seen, felt, and heard,
and that is enough—in this moment now.

Feel the soft cellular pulses in your belly,
in your joints, in the rivers of your fluids,
the wet expanding tissues between each rib.

Breathe expanding in all directions,
skins sliding with the joy of existence.

Feel yourself as the shaper of breath
and as receiver of breath,
the tide of prana going in and out.

Where you meet your breath,
your breath meets you back
and there Life rejoices.

~ Lucia Miracchi
Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto