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Create a Foundation of Love

Love has bridged the high-rises of despair we were about to fall between. Love has been a penlight in the blackest, bleakest nights. Love has been a wild animal, a poultice, a dinghy, a coat. Love is why we have hope. ~ Anne Lamott

We want to put love, rather than fear, at the center of 2019. We, at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, invite you to create a foundation of love for this new year by choosing one or more of these qualities to support a transformation toward a healthier, more open-hearted YOU. Simply find someone to read this list to you mindfully and slowly, close your eyes for a moment, go within, and see which quality speaks to you the most. Then once a month, check in with this intention and notice how it touches you throughout the year!

Abundance ~ Awe ~ Compassion ~ Courage ~ Forgiveness ~ Fun ~ Gratitude ~ Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Kindness ~ Optimism ~ Play ~ Self-love ~ Trust ~ Wonder ~ Acceptance ~ Beauty ~ Creativity ~ Freedom ~ Generosity ~ Healing ~ Hope ~ Intimacy ~ Laughter ~ Loveliness ~ Passion ~ Rejoicing ~ Serenity ~ Truth ~ Appreciation ~ Celebration ~ Confidence ~ Curiosity ~ Faith ~ Fulfillment ~ Grace ~ Health ~ Humor ~ Joy ~ Lightness ~ Openness ~ Peace ~ Rejuvenation ~ Success ~ Tenderness ~ Unconditional Love

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