Healthy New Year

Better Self Care In The New Year

Better self-care is a resolution that most people make each new year. We're all increasingly aware that stress reduction and relaxation are critical to our health. ‘Our bodies break down under the onslaught of stress—insomnia, anxiety, depression, and all chronic disease is made worse by…

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Connect With Beauty

Celebrate Your Miraculous Body

As 2022 comes to a close, we invite you to take a few moments to celebrate, with gratitude …. ~ the miracle of your body that, despite whatever weaknesses or limitations, serves you and allows you to sense the wonders of the world ~ the…

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Your Peaceful Presence is a Priceless Gift

It is the quality of our attention and open-heartedness that matter most to our loved ones and are the best gifts we can give! During the busy holiday season, we often don't make time to truly nurture ourselves so that we can give peaceful presence to…

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What is Deep Work Massage?

Deep Work Massage is a unique approach to bodywork and is distinct from Clinical Deep Tissue Massage. 'Deep’ refers to the opportunity for a deeply transformative experience, not to the amount of pressure used. Deep Work therapists have an educated understanding of the role of…

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Meet Janeel Rao, Advanced Therapist

Janeel Rao, CMT, is a graduate of National Holistic Institute. He takes great pride in helping his clients feel more whole and stress-free. 'My goal is to discover and address each client’s needs. Focusing my intuition and anatomical knowledge, I release long-held physical tension, resulting…

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Rejuvenate with Legs-up-the-Wall

Legs-up-the-wall is an easy restorative yoga pose that can be a source of rest and invigoration. It benefits your whole body, not just feet and legs. You can do it for just 5 minutes, or longer. If you practice deep breathing in the pose, you'll receive…

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Gratitude Boosts Resilience and Well-Being

The more we practice finding something to be grateful for each day, the more it changes our way of seeing and being. A gratitude practice can help open our heart to all of life and boost our happiness, resilience, and sense of well-being. It can…

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Sensation And Healing

Embodiment and Bodywork

The state of embodiment implies a perception of our physicality as well as a relationship to our sensations outside the realm of thinking. In other words, we are engaged much more in the brain stem rather than the neocortical part of our brain. Embodiment is…

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Stand And Sit Up Straight

Stand and Sit Up Straight

A good reason not to slouch: poor posture actually accelerates the aging process according to Alice Chen, a psychiatrist at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery. It lowers lung capacity, interferes with digestion, and puts abnormal pressure on the spine. Here's how to give yourself…

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