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Pik Phoebe Selo

I graduated from Western Career College in the Bay Area in 2010 and have practiced difference styles of massage with a variety of clients.

In particular, I am a sports based massage therapist that specializes in Deep Tissue, Myofascial release, pre and post event sports massage, PNF and ART. In addition, I also do lymphatic massage.

I am especially helpful as a recovery therapist with a clientele that includes professional athletes from NFL to Warriors, as well as people healing from injuries. My goal is to help clients live without pain and have plenty of energy to do what they love. My massage is a custom combination of deep tissue techniques, blended with integrative, restorative strokes. My wish is to use my evolving skill-set to help folks have a better quality of life.

I spend my free time cooking, working out, playing and hanging out with my 14 year old border collie , as she doesn’t act her age!

Client Reviews:

“Phoebe is amazing. She gets the job done each time. Worth the soreness!”

★★★★★ Kimiko, R., Wellness Living Review

“Phoebe is the best. I plan to see Phoebe again with regular visits.  She was the most informative therapist I have ever experienced.”

★★★★★ Jeff W., Wellness Living Review

“Phoebe seemed to intuitively know just the right amount of pressure, places needing work, and exactly what muscle or pressure points to move to next. Excellent massage. I left feeling great and will definitely schedule more appointments.”

★★★★★ Jon Z., Wellness Living Review