Erik De Leon Cmt

I am a graduate of the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts in San Francisco [2011] and have trained simultaneously as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. My style is a development of both schools of thought as I find the body distress points of my specific client — pain, soreness, inflammation. I then employ an effective system of soft tissue manipulations to release points of tension and help circulate oxygen-rich blood into muscles and tissues. I believe in the body’s inherent healing abilities, as bodies in motion stay in motion. Thus, when daily life and unexpected trauma present hurdles to be overcome, bodywork can help tip the scale in favor of natural restoration to health and normality.

In my spare time I enjoy sipping coffee and burying myself in classic novels. I’m a Bay Area native who loves the sun and beach. So when weather permits, I throw my headphones on and get in a nice, long rollerblading run among the urban landscape where I live.